Update – New Champ, Paris-Nice and Full Feed

I’m dedicating this post to my clients in the news.

Today’s updates:

  • Brian Stann wins WEC title fight
  • First Endurance rider wins Paris-Nice
  • FirstEndurance.com homepage redesign
  • Bizlift Blog now full-feed

Brian Stann – New WEC Light Heavyweight Champion

Congratulations to MMA star Brian Stann on another impressive 1st round KO victory, and this one for the belt.

We were hired by Stann’s agent to design and host his official website awhile back, and were thrilled to watch him win a title fight live on tv.

** Edit 5/10/08: After this entry was published, the design for the Brian Stann site was updated by a different designer. ย The new design is not our work. **ย 

Stann caught his opponent with a vicious left-hook and finished the fight with strikes on the ground. Mirroring Stann’s hard-hitting ways, his fans have been relentlessly pounding our server with traffic for the last 24 hours.

More info:

  • Fight results at Fox Sports
  • Stann’s fellow Marines give “Ooh Rah” comments at USA Today

First Endurance Rider Wins Paris-Nice

First Endurance recently celebrated another victory. Sponsored rider Davide Rebellin won Paris-Nice, the first big stage race of the pro cycling season.

More info:

FirstEndurance.com Homepage Redesign

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new homepage redesign for First Endurance. This is the first of several site improvements for firstendurance.com in the next few weeks.

First Endurance has been with us for 5 years. We’ve helped them develop their website, increase direct sales through their shopping cart, and gain 5000+ subscribers to their monthly email newsletter.

Bizlift Blog Now Full Feed

Thanks to a twitter conversation between IttyBiz and BigBrightBulb, I learned how to prevent blog feeds from cutting off. The Bizlift Blog feed now contains entire posts.

Thank you for checking out our updates. If you have any questions on web design, hosting, eCommerce, or anything else web-related, please leave a comment or contact us.

Comments (13)

  1. Hi Sterling – those are great designs. You know – I didn’t have a clue you did website design, I thought you just did business consulting. Do you do any other stuff? I like to know what people do, then it’s easier to refer them.

  2. Hi Cath, thanks for checking out the designs. I’m more of a developer than a designer. My specialty is eCommerce and custom business web apps.

    But graphic design is much more fun than programming, so I’ve been spending more time doing it. I’ll be posting more website designs in the near future.

  3. Hi Sterling,

    You’re good! Those sites are fabulous.

    I also like how you showcased some of your clients and their accomplishments in this blog post. It’s no wonder your customers have been loyal to you for all these years. It’s obvious you care.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your website designs.

  4. @Barbara – I got the idea to showcase clients from your NBOTW showcase. More designs coming in a few weeks.

    @Amir – If anyone is going to learn and rock out on photoshop, it will be you. You have an amazing mindset that helps you learn anything you want. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I concur.

    I love the design. I like the way Twitter drew some solutions for you. Installing and playing with Twitter is yet another thing on my growing to do list!

    Keep up the good work! I’ll have to tell my colleague about your site. He used to do several martial arts – most of which I couldn’t pronounce, let alone remember how to spell!

  6. @Ian – Look me up when you make it to twitter. Username is ‘bizlift’.

    The funny thing is I just upgraded to WordPress 2.5 over the weekend so now that full-feed plugin is now longer needed. But it did work well for the 2 days I used it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Nice work on Brian Stann’s website. I actually was at it the night he won that fight. My favorite WEC fighter by far, ever since his first fight in the WEC I’ve been telling everyone that he was going to be champ sooner or later.

  8. Hi Sterling – just dropping by to see if you posted and I missed it. I notice you’re moving another site to this one. Hope it’s going ok. Did you get to Costa Rica yet?

  9. Hi Cath. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve gone too long without posting. Hope to post next article with a new blog theme in a few days.

    Probably won’t get to Costa Rica for a year or two, but I definitely plan on going there. I’ll be getting married in Hawaii this fall so that’s my focus for now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I actually just saw (like a few hours ago) Brian on one of the news networks, I want to say CNN. They talked about his background as a marine, and how he trains fighters at one of the marine camps.

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